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It’s easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed when everyday is marked by constant worry. It seems that no matter what new trick you read about you can’t kick the worry to the curb. It’s been months, maybe even years, and the burden of it feels too much to carry. 


You worry about friendships, social interactions, worst case scenarios, having a panic attack in public and you try to look like you have it all together. 


In fact, many people might believe that you do have it all together. There’s a part of you that has done what you needed to do in order to get through the day. You learned how to play the role you needed to play. In fact, you have gotten pretty good at wearing that mask over the years in order to appear ‘okay.’


Even the thought of taking the mask off feels incredibly risky, it makes you vulnerable and open to the possibility of rejection. But, imagine what it would feel like to take that mask off and embrace a life without constant fear and dread. I believe that is possible and I help people do just that.


Anxiety can feel like:


Difficulty focusing

Difficulty being present in the moment

Racing heart, sweating, sensation of choking, shaking

Feeling like you’re going to die

Difficulty sleeping

Racing thoughts

Anxiety can develop for a lot of reasons in a person’s life. Sometimes it’s as a result of trauma or being raised in a family where stress was the normal way of functioning. Sometimes it becomes such a part of your day that you think you just have to learn to live with it. In reality, it is possible to find freedom from the constant worry and anxiety. It can be difficult to know what “trick” will work or what new book will give you the answer to living a life free of worry. 


Through our work together I believe we can identify the way anxiety is impacting your life, what it’s costing you and what you wish your life would be like instead. Total freedom from any worry in life isn’t possible, but it is possible to be free of the worry ruling your decisions, relationships and life as a whole. 


We can find the techniques that work for you, identify patterns and things in your life that are impacting you and worsening your anxiety. I look forward to meeting with you and working together to create the life you have longed to live.

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