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You Ask - I Answer

How long does each therapy session take?

Approximately 53 minutes. The intake session might go up to 60 minutes.

Why might I want to avoid using insurance?

There can be benefits to NOT using your insurance for counseling services. Insurance can limit which diagnoses they feel "require" therapy. They can dictate the length of the counseling relationship. When insurance is used I have to report a diagnosis to the insurance company which is then a part of your medical record. Some people want to avoid that. If you chose to pay cash for therapy you can still use an HSA or FSA to pay for the sessions.

Do you take insurance plans?

At this time I can accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network. If your insurance plan is not listed I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance to request reimbursement. I also work with several clients who are on a cash basis without using their insurance.

Do you do appointments in person or telehealth?

I only offer telehealth counseling services via secured video portal. I can also offer phone sessions if needed due to WiFi streaming concerns.

What is the cash rate per session?

My cash rate is $165 per session.

What types of things bring clients to therapy?

People may seek out therapy for any variety of reasons - from working on self improvement, relationship concerns, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns, marital issues or trauma history.

The focus of my practice is working with clients who are struggling with anxiety related concerns and those recovering from spiritual abuse and religious trauma. Some of the people I work with have more severe anxiety concerns including frequent panic attacks and others find themselves experiencing more mild anxiety and social stress.

Where do I have to live to work with you?

Since my practice is 100% telehealth based I can work with any client who resides in the state of Michigan. You must be considered a resident of the state to work with me. Feel free to contact me if you are unsure if you meet this criteria based on frequent travel or attending school out of state.

Do you work with kids?

I work with clients who are aged 18 years and older.

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